About the Mid-Atlantic Prep League

The Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) was founded in September, 1998.  The MAPL was founded to unite independent schools with similar academic and athletic philosophies with the goal of fostering healthy athletic rivalries, meaningful competition, and the values of sportsmanship.  The league will explore other options for enhancing student and faculty interaction beyond the athletic arena in order to support the mission of the league and foster the educational goals of the institutions.


The members of the League have joined together to mutually support the highest standards of athletic competition and student interaction. We believe that the primary purpose of our institutions is to support the academic and personal growth of our students. Therefore, the MAPL places the highest emphasis on sportsmanship, mutual respect and adherence to fair play. Each school is pledged to support the others in their efforts to sustain these goals. Each school also commits itself to an admissions process which does not give undue emphasis to athletic skills or provide athletics scholarships. The academic profile of all student-athletes, particularly post-graduates, must be in keeping with the profiles of the entire student body. Thus, athletic achievement is put in its proper role in the overall academic focus of the school and this League, as a whole, expects that each school will avoid any recruiting that would undermine these standards.

League Officers:

Commissioner: Seth Eilberg, The Hill School

Secretary: Rick Hendrickson, Mercersburg Academy

Treasurer: Tripp Welborne, The Lawrenceville School


Heads of School Liaison: Doug Hale, Mercersburg Academy